School Picture Day

When I picked up the kids Monday afternoon from preschool, they had stickers on their back to let me know the next day was picture day. Of course, I wanted to make something special for the girls to wear. Maya has been begging me to make her something out of the “bad wolf” fabric (otherwise known as Micheal Miller’s Les Amis – Dawn Collection) and I chose Create Kids Couture’s Molly’s Faux Apron Peasant Dress for the pattern.

maya in mollys

I picked the pattern thinking it would be simple, quick, and easy. It was, but I didn’t get them done in time… or so I thought!  After I gave up for the evening, I checked my email and found out their class wouldn’t be photographed for two more days. Yippee! I even found the time to make a couple of matching headbands using FooFoo Threads ruched headband pattern.

dandelion 1

dandelion 2

dandelion 3

Naomi says “make a wish!” My wish is that they follow the photographer’s directions better than mine today!


Boys Cargo Shorts

I feel like all I do is sew for my girls. There are so many cute girly patterns out there but boy clothes are pretty basic. To make it interesting, I decided to let my husband pick out a few fabrics for Calder. He chose a couple of Star Wars prints and I choose the Create Kids Couture Ethan’s Cargo Shorts pattern.

sw shortsCalder loves the velcro pocket.

pocketcalder 1 calder 2 calder 3 calder 4Poor kitty.

I thought the outfit needed a little something extra so I purchased this cute “Jedi in training” applique file from and added it to his red t-shirt.

jedi in training

Then, I found a Spiderman remnant at Hobby Lobby that was just enough for a second pair of shorts. The pattern is easy to follow and simple to make. By the time I got to the second pair, it only took me about an hour to complete them. I will probably make a few more before school starts back next month.

spidey shorts

These turned out to be his favorite.
Luckily, he already had the perfect shirt to match.

calder wearing spidey shorts

Swimsuit Sew-along

sew-alongI did it! I made a swimsuit. Well actually, I made two. I am not sure I would have even attempted to sew up a swimsuit if it wasn’t for the CKC Sew-along Facebook group. I was hesitant at first when June’s pattern was announced but the fact that it had the same name as my daughter felt like a sign. So I took a chance and bought Create Kids Couture’s Naomi pattern. Luckily, finding cute swimsuit fabric wasn’t difficult since Chez Ami was kind enough to give a discount to the sew-along group. There were lots of great fabrics to choose from, so the girls and I sat down at the computer and we picked two favorites. As usual, Naomi chose pink and Maya, blue.

swim fabrics

I really enjoy the sew-alongs. Not only do I get several chances to win prizes but I learn a lot in the process. If you have a question, there are dozens of people making the same pattern at the same time there to help you. The perfect situation to try something new! Honestly, the hardest part about the whole process was cutting the fabric. It was really slippery and because it stretched four directions, it was hard to cut a straight line. I was glad to have chosen linear patterns to use as my guides. I took it slow and it worked out in the end. There were a lot of rectangles involved so I had to label all the pieces to keep from getting confused.


Then, we did a few steps each day.

bodice and strapsbodice and rufflebottoms to step 17leg bands

And finally, the finale…

girls 4

girls 3 girls 2

girls 5


I cant wait to see what they choose for July’s pattern!

Sneak Peek and a Delivery

Just a pop in to say “Hello”. I have several projects going on right now and have been hopping back and forth from one to the other. It keeps things more interesting but now I have no completed projects to talk about this week! Here is a little sneak peek of what I am working on though.

A Little Selfish Sewing.


Some little boy sewing

sp 2

Some practice sewing


and a new sew-along.


I have a few more projects I am so excited to start that my already large pile of unfinished garments might just keep getting bigger!

Oh, and I also got a fun package in the mail yesterday.

hypernoodle order

Wooo hoooo! New Fabric!

fabric stack

They were shipped so perfectly folded I almost hated to wash them.


I can’t wait to find the perfect project for these little beauties!

Chevron Tutorial

matching up chevronsI have owned the yellow chevron fabric used in my last post for a few months now. I knew I wanted to make Peek-a-boo’s Sailor Shorts with it but I was very intimidated by having to match up the chevrons at the seams. I finally decided to just go ahead and do it. I created this method as I went along and it worked out great! I am pretty excited about it. Here are my finished shorts.

chevron short

I also made another pair reversing the fabrics. It was a lot less time consuming!

polka short

So here is the method I came up with.

First, I cut out a pattern piece. Then, using a fabric marker and ruler, I measured and marked off the seam allowance.

draw seam allowance

I then pinned back the seam allowance.

pin back seam allowance

Using the pinned edge, I matched up the chevrons on my fabric.

match up chevrons

Using the fabric marker, I then drew a line to mark that edge.

draw line at matched up chevrons

I measured out and drew a second line for the seam allowance.

draw a second line for seam allowance

I used the new line for placing the corresponding edge of my next pattern piece.line up your next pattern piece

I cut the new pattern piece out, pinned back my edges, and lined up and pinned them to their matching piece. I did this with all my short panels in order to easily keep track of which piece matched which.

pin pieces together

I knew I would have no control over the seam connecting the right edge of my first panel and the left edge of the last panel. It was close enough for me that I was able to fudge it. One option to adjust would be shortening or lengthening the seam allowance a little bit. I found I had to lower the left panel a little bit. It was a small enough of a difference (1/4″) that it went unnoticed once the waist band and cuffs were attached.

fudging final piece

The pinning of the seam allowances created creases.

pinning caused creases

The creases provided guides for placing my stitches.

used crease as guide

I think ironing the seam allowances instead of pinning may be more effective. If I get brave and want to try another pair of chevron shorts, I will do that instead. I think it will make a better seam placement guide.

Here are the finished shorts again on my girls last weekend.

sweet sisters

walking through the flowershugs in the flower

Tulle Heart Shirts

Just want to share some new shirts I did for the girls.

finished hearts shirts

The design is Bunch of Hearts by Hang to Dry. I hope you like their designs as much as I do because I have bought a lot of them and I am sure they will keep popping up on my blog! This particular design, using tulle and an unconventional applique process, was outside of my previous experience but I carefully studied the process photos they have posted online and came up with this.

machine sewing hearts shapes

Stitch out the hearts.

pile of hearts

Cut them out.

hearts layed out on shirt

Arrange them on shirt.

Cut off the bottom points to help keep down the bulk of the extra tulle when attaching them.

sewing on hearts

Attach the hearts.

hearts up close

Cut out the top of the hearts and fluff!

I think I did it right. Maybe? I really wish I had larger then a 4″ x 4″ embroidery area for a bigger impact. Sigh… one day. They are cute none the less and the girls love to wear them!

girls in shirts

Making a Pattern from a Pair of Pants

original pantsI have a really cute pair of toddler girl knit pants that have been sitting around for a year. There is only one lonely pair and I have two cute little girls who would love to wear them! I would like to eventually make a second pair in a different color knit but I have put that project off for another day.

Doodles - Flower Toss Turquois

Doodles – Flower Toss Turquois

In the meantime, I already had some really cute corduroy fabric I picked up from JoAnns that I wanted to make into pants for the girls.

I decided that since I will eventually need a pattern for the second pair of knit pants, I would go ahead and try to make one. Then, I could use it for the corduroy pants as well.  I had my first experience making a pattern with the knit shirts. It was not exactly easy but since I had more experience making pants, I figured I could handle it. Actually, it turned out to be pretty simple.

First, I traced one of the legs (not including the ruffle) on to a large piece of paper and then added my seam allowance.

pants laid out to tracepattern traced out

Then I measured the length and width of the ruffle, added in the seam allowance, and wrote those dimensions on my pattern. I did not do a pattern for them because they are basically large rectangles. Notice I wrote them out incorrectly at first. I forgot to double up the length measurement so they could go all the way around the leg! Very important for pants to actually enclose the leg, I think. 😉 Luckily, I caught it before I cut!

measuring ruffle

final patternThen, I laid out and traced my pattern on the fabric while trying to match up the lines of flowers on the fabric. I knew the large flowers would never match up at the seams but I thought it would be less distracting if the lines of flowers did.

tracing panelscut panelsThen, I sewed them together pretty much the same way I did these pants. Except this time, I added the ruffle.

In the end, I failed miserably at trying to match up the design because the fabric’s pattern is actually pretty complicated. I wasted an extra yard of fabric doing this but I learned a valuable lesson, some fabrics just don’t need to line up. I think they turned out pretty cute despite it!

finished pants

pants on N

Oh, and one last thing… I just couldn’t help myself and made some shirts to match!

flower shirts