Three Boho Bags

There has been a lot of talk recently about the KnottyGirl Boho Bag. It is a fun pattern with three size options and large interior pockets. I hadn’t made a bag yet so I decided to try it out. Instead of the one bag I originally planned to make, I made three! It’s very addictive! I had a lot of fun mixing and matching fabrics and adding little decorative touches.

all 3 bags

I was a little disappointed that the mini size doesn’t have a pocket option. But after making three, I don’t think it should be too hard to do it on your own. Maybe the next time!

Maya’s mini bag has a tiger theme. Maya is going on her second year of a serious tiger obsession.

Maya's bag closed

I wanted it to have a little feminine touch too so I added the yellow trim and little hearts for the pocket binding.

Maya's bag detailMy favorite part of her bag is actually the inside. I love how the colors really pop.

Maya's bag inside

Naomi’s purse is all pink and fancy. She loves anything girly.

naomi's bag closedI added the pink flower trim just to make sure it was fru fru enough since I had originally planned it to be my purse and not quite so “fancy.”

Naomi's bag detailThe inside of her purse is a bit softer in color.

naomi's bag openMy purse is girly too. It is more floral then something I would normally carry but I still think it’s pretty. I have noticed my fabric taste is a bit more feminine then I would normally choose in store bought items. I particularly love the main body fabric and thought it would make a great bag.

my bag closed

Since I already had some blue lace trim, I just couldn’t help myself.

my bag close up

And I LOVE all the gigantic pockets on the inside!

my bag open

I used a ton of different fabrics in these bags. I counted 18 total so I decided not to list them in this post. If you see one you love and have to know what it is, feel free to ask in the comments and I will respond as soon as I can.



sew-alongI have decided to participate in my first sew-along. I am pretty excited about it!  I came across a Facebook sew-along group that does a Create Kids Couture pattern every month. This month is the Faith’s Shirred Sundress. I chose to do the girl’s pattern but you can also do the tween, woman, or doll version as well. There are some pretty great prizes too!

If you are wondering what exactly is a sew-along, you aren’t alone. I had never heard of one until recently. This sew-along picks a pattern and has set dates in which you have to complete certain steps by. Then you post a photo to show your day’s work. You have a chance to win free patterns every time you post your photo and there are some pretty awesome grand prizes available at the end of the process.

It is still in the fabric choosing phase, so please join me! Just be ready to cut your fabric by this Friday, May 17th. I ordered some new fabrics for it but I don’t think they will be here by Friday, so I dug through my stash to see what I could come up with. I haven’t decided which combination to use yet. I think I am leaning more towards the first one at the moment. What do you think?

Choice #1 – Left two fabrics for ruffles and straps. Right fabric for bodice.

blue white and greysChoice #2- Middle fabric for bodiceLeft & right fabrics for ruffles & straps.

hummers green and pinkChoice #3- Left fabric for bodiceRight fabric for ruffles & straps.

green and doves

I will keep you updated and post photos of the finished dresses at the end of the month!

Triple Ruffle Pants

By far, the one thing I have sewn that gets the most attention are the triple ruffle pants I made for my girls. Every time they step out of the house wearing them, I get tons of compliments and inquiries as to where I bought them. I get the biggest rush when I get to say “I made them”!girls with TRpants

The pattern is from Foo Foo Threads on Etsy. I already owned the fabrics from that unused stack of single yards I bought back when I first got my sewing machine. I needed a pattern that I could make twice while only using three different yards of fabrics together and this one was perfect.

Here are the fabrics:

They are all Michael Miller fabrics but they are a few years old so they may be hard to locate.

  • Multi Gnomes
    black gnomes
  • Multi Handy Gnomes
    green gnomes
  • Black Summer Mushroom

The pattern came with a .pdf with photos to walk you through the construction process! Perfect for someone like me still trying to figure things out.

Since I bought the pattern and tutorial, I do not want to give away too much about their construction. I can talk about my mistakes though since there were plenty of them. I might also add that none of them were the fault of the pattern or tutorial!

3rufflesMy first mistake was that I only made 3 ruffles for the first pair instead of six (three for each leg) and then panicked because I was afraid I didn’t have enough material left. Luckily I did!

ripping ruffle hemThen, when I prepped those six ruffles, I hemmed both edges! I have NO idea what I was thinking when I did that. I then had to pull out my seam ripper and take half of them back out. Ugh!

I also have had to reopen and close the waistband on both pairs because either I measured my kid’s waist wrong or they both shrunk overnight!

Because my daughters have different size waists and leg lengths, I made each pair to fit a specific girl. Of course, even though I let them choose which fabric they wanted in the beginning, they now want to wear the other’s pair! I just can’t win!

I will say the scariest part of the whole process was getting to this point…

whole pants

and then doing this to them!!EEK!

cut pants

It was all worth it though. Check out the movement these pants have!M chasing ballM on trikeN riding bike

Sewing Pattern Virgin

Back in 2010, when I first bought my sewing machine, I also bought some fabric. I had dreams of making cute little matching outfits for my then one year old twin girls out of this fabric. Not having any idea how much fabric was needed to do this, I only bought one yard of each of them, seven different designs in all. They sat packed away for a couple of years until I pulled one of them out to put the ruffles on the girls’ jeans. See my very first post for this tutorial.

McCalls patternI still had six yards (of six different fabrics) left so I decided it was time to buy a pattern and finally put them to use. I chose the McCalls pattern M6387 (it was labeled as easy) from the Ruffles and Lace Treasured Collection and brought it home as my next project.
Well, as most of you have already guessed, I didn’t have near enough of any one fabric to make the clothes. So I packed the pattern away with the fabric and moved on. A few weeks ago I decided I was going to make some new outfits for my girls. Maya is really into tigers and Naomi loves Spider-Man. Do you know how hard it is to find girls’ clothes with tigers and Spider-Man on them? It is impossible. They don’t exist… anywhere. Until now!

spiderman and tigerI dug out that McCall’s pattern and got the fabric requirements for their size which is conveniently located on the back (Maybe I should have noticed that before, huh!) I got online and let my girls pick out which tiger and Spider-Man fabrics they liked best and placed the orders. The girls were so excited when it came in the mail. I knew this was going to be a fun project. That weekend, I went to the fabric store and chose some coordinating fabrics and got to work.

Alright, as promised in my Making Baby Blankets post, here is my attempt at a fabric list:

– “Tigers” (in long grass) designed for Exclusively Quilters

– “Tigers” (faces) designed for Exclusively Quilters  – Both tiger fabrics have the same name. Very confusing!

– I bought the rust colored fabric used on the Tiger outfit from JoAnn’s but I don’t know its name! So sorry!

– Red Spiderman Spider Sense Wall Crawler from Springs Creative

– Keepsake Calico Fabric – Tonal Swirled Stars Navy from JoAnn’s

The patterns were much more difficult than online photo tutorials. There was a steep learning curve with the new lingo but with the internet close at hand, I figured it out and finally finished the first set. The second one only took half the time! I am now no longer intimidated by store patterns though I am not sure it is going to be my favorite way to sew. I will make the other pieces that came in the package eventually. I can’t let them just sit there calling my name and not doing anything about it!

Overall, I think it took me about a week and a half of sewing. I completed most of it while the kids were either running around me or at Mother’s Day Out (Ahhh. My quiet time.) Occasionally, I sew at night but I usually find I am too tired once the kids are in bed (Yea! Even more quiet time.)girls sleeping

I may go back and redo the aprons. I haven’t decided if it’s worth it. They are not as full and “ruffly” as I would like.


I will wait and see how much it bothers me or if I can just let it go and move on. Or if I really want to do some sewing one day and don’t have any new projects available!

The best part of the whole process was the excitement of my girls when they tried them on, twirled around, and Naomi exclaimed that these were “the best dancing outfits ever!”