Old Shirt Rework

So I figured it was about time to do something for me. I have been doing a lot for me lately actually, just not with my sewing machine. I have been restricting my calories, going to a personal trainer twice a week, doing cardio the other 5 days, and recently ran my first (and second) 5K. Needless to say, my clothes from last summer no longer fit. Our days are getting warm and I need some new clothes! I had two bags of my old summer clothes to donate and then it dawned on me that there was tons of free fabric in there!

My plan is to turn those old clothes into new ones and I decided to start with this shirt.

original shirt

This was my fat shirt. It hid my “twins plus one” tummy and it was huge and shapeless and made me look bigger then I was. It was my go-to, hide my body, comfort shirt last summer. I hate it. Well, hated it. It looks a bit different now!

I decided I wanted a sleeveless top. I got to show off these new arms of course.  So I cut them right off!

sleeves cut off

Then I cut the shirt down the sides…

cut down sides

and pinned off a good two inches on either side and tried it on. It fit in the waist but I realized I needed to cut the shoulder seams and shorten them as well.

cut shoulders

I used another tank top to figure out the shape. I cut along the lines about an inch away in order to include a seam allowance.

using shirt as guide

Then I sewed it up. I tried to make the shirt fitted but the hips bubbled out oddly. Sorry for the blurry photo. It really bothers me but I cant “unmake” the shirt to take a new one!

bubble hips

Instead of ripping the seams, I decided it would look nice If I ruched them. I grabbed a couple of 2 inch strips of ¼” elastic and sewed them to the inside hem while stretching the elastic at the same time.

ruchingruching done

It felt pretty amazing to be able to turn an old shirt I hated into something new that I can enjoy.

finished top

If it ever warms up here again, I will try to remember to add a picture of me wearing my new summer top. Every time I put it on, I will be reminded of not only my new found love of sewing but of why I needed to remake the shirt in the first place!