My Sewing Machine

After the success of my first project, one would think I would have jumped right in and started a new project, right? Nope. Remember I have 3 toddlers at home. I had good intentions. I bought a pattern to make clothes for the girls and some fabrics to add to my stash of other still unused fabrics but never actually pulled my machine out until a few months later. I had a conversation with my cousin about her embroidery machine that made me want to figure out how my own worked.

Maybe this is a good time to introduce my machine.

sewing machine

I have the Brother Project Runway sewing/embroidery combo. I can’t decide if I am embarrassed or not that it has the PR name all over it. I actually like the show (and DVR every episode) but surely serious sewers wouldn’t have PR all over their machine?  However, it comes with this really handy rolling carry bag for the machine and parts which is well worth having that logo everywhere!

machine case

Besides until now, no one else has even seen it.

I can’t give you a lot of detail about the machine because I am still learning about it myself. I find it easy to use and have had no issues with it yet. Even the instruction book that came with it is very helpful! I have decided though that in the future I would like a machine with an embroidery area larger than 4×4. I would love to do larger embroidery on my kids’ shirts.

I also have dreams of one day owning a serger. I haven’t actually really needed one yet but I am sure I could find good reasons to use it!  So far all the tutorials and patterns I have completed say to serge the raw ends. They also all gave an alternate way to finish with your sewing machine if you don’t have one.

These options are usually:

-Cut raw edges with pinking shears. You know, those crazy scissors that look like they have teeth!

pinking shears

– Run a zigzag stitch along the edge. My machine does this with just a push of a button. I think I did this correctly in the photo below. Remember this is my first attempt!

zig zag edge

– or a combination of these.

Perhaps these options aren’t as efficient as using a serger but they do the job. I wonder if a serger is a time saver or not.

Is owning a serger the official moment you become a “real” seamstress? How cool would it be to have all those professional looking edges! Do any of you own a serger? Do you find it indispensable?