School Picture Day

When I picked up the kids Monday afternoon from preschool, they had stickers on their back to let me know the next day was picture day. Of course, I wanted to make something special for the girls to wear. Maya has been begging me to make her something out of the “bad wolf” fabric (otherwise known as Micheal Miller’s Les Amis – Dawn Collection) and I chose Create Kids Couture’s Molly’s Faux Apron Peasant Dress for the pattern.

maya in mollys

I picked the pattern thinking it would be simple, quick, and easy. It was, but I didn’t get them done in time… or so I thought!  After I gave up for the evening, I checked my email and found out their class wouldn’t be photographed for two more days. Yippee! I even found the time to make a couple of matching headbands using FooFoo Threads ruched headband pattern.

dandelion 1

dandelion 2

dandelion 3

Naomi says “make a wish!” My wish is that they follow the photographer’s directions better than mine today!


Retro Glam Skirt

Its here!!! The Retro Glam Skirt by Little Lizard King has finally been released! I had the good fortune to be a tester for this pattern and it was worth every minute. The skirt is so cute and the testers came up with so many different looking pieces. It’s a great pattern that is easy to make your own.



The skirt’s design has a retro flair inspired by a vintage apron. It has a button hole elastic adjustable waist, which I loved, with the option to do a regular elastic waist. But there’s no need for that because if you can’t find buttonhole elastic, the pattern gives you directions on how to make it yourself!

button hole elastic waist

I really enjoyed putting the skirt together, which is a good thing because I ended up making three for the test. I first made two for my girls in the Micheal Miller Princess Land fabrics they had been drooling over. I even added a decorative top stitch over all the seams.

decor stitching

Unfortunately, I made a mistake and cut the edge off one of my pattern pieces early in the fabric cutting process. Unaware of my mistake, I pieced the skirts together and came up with TWO skirts six inches smaller than my waistbands!

skirt too small for bad

After discussing this at length with the very patient designer, Tricia, I figured out my mistake. No worries… I made them work anyway!

pink back 2 pink back pink front

I felt I owed Tricia a correctly sewn test garment so I picked some cute fall fabrics out of my stash, re-printed the pattern pieces and got back to work. The skirt is really such a fun and easy sew that I had a third skirt finished in a few hours. I sure hope Joanns has more of the Alexander Henry Willow Shroom fabric in stock because I need it to make a second one now! Luckily, I still have plenty of the Ziggy chevron fabric from Timeless Treasures left over!

n side front 1

back of skirt

n  front

Oh and I can’t forget my favorite part… the hem. I have never used ric rac this way and it is such a cute and easy way to hem a skirt. Genius!

ric rac hem

The Retro Glam Skirt pattern comes in three size options: 6 months – girls 5T girls 6 – girls 14, or you can get the whole size range, 6m-girls 14. It also comes with a doll pattern and for a limited time only, a rockabilly reversible head wrap pattern! Head on over to Little Lizard King and get your pattern today!

n side front 2 n back 3

n back 1

m front n back 2

m side back

n back 4

Bloomers and a Crossover Top

A friend recently asked me to make a pair of bloomers for her daughter. Luckily for me, I didn’t have a bloomers pattern yet and I always LOVE a reason to buy a new one! We decided on the Whimsy Couture No Serger Bloomers. Since she was supplying the fabric, I decided to do a trial run and make a few pairs for my girls first. I had this cute Michael Miller fabric that seemed like a perfect fit.

hummer fabric

I did my first rolled hem with this pattern. I had no idea you could do this without a serger. I have used this technique several times since. The pattern is worth that lesson alone!

rolled hem

Here is one of the finished bloomers.

Hummer bloomers

Then I decided they needed a top. I purchased the Ruffled Crossover Top from Monkeysbug Patterns a few months back but hadn’t had a chance to make it. I thought it would be adorable matched with the bloomers and I had just enough of the fabric left over for the ruffles and buttons. Unfortunately, the size 4 turned out to be too big on my girls. I was a bit disappointed. I finally decided not to close up the elastic waist on the bloomers (so I could easily re-size them later) and save the outfits for next summer. It makes me a little bit sad but it will be something to look forward to.

finished bloomers and top

Oh… and here are the commissioned bloomers. They turned out pretty cute as well!

Kate's Bloomers

Bubble Shorts

finished bubble shortsI finally made a pair (or two) of shorts.  I recently came across a few Facebook groups focused on sewing and have discovered some new pattern designers through them. One of the new patterns I bought was the Bubble shorts from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop. The directions were easy to follow and I love being able to print out the patterns on card stock. I am sure I will make several pairs of these since they go up to 8 years. When it is time to move up a size, I just have to print out a new one. So easy!

Here are the shorts on two of my cute little redhead models. They turned 4 on the day these were taken!

girls in shortsmaya in shorts2maya in shorts

naomi in shortscrazy naomi

The fabric is Pod Posey Multi by Michael Miller

MM Posey Fabric

I picked up a few blank tees and added this cute little appliqué from Hang to Dry.


I am really enjoying sewing more and more. It has grown to be something I try to find some time for every day. I always have several projects in the works and can’t wait to complete them so I can start another. I almost took my machine with us to the beach a few weekends ago because I was sad to go four days without it. I think I am officially hooked!

Triple Ruffle Pants

By far, the one thing I have sewn that gets the most attention are the triple ruffle pants I made for my girls. Every time they step out of the house wearing them, I get tons of compliments and inquiries as to where I bought them. I get the biggest rush when I get to say “I made them”!girls with TRpants

The pattern is from Foo Foo Threads on Etsy. I already owned the fabrics from that unused stack of single yards I bought back when I first got my sewing machine. I needed a pattern that I could make twice while only using three different yards of fabrics together and this one was perfect.

Here are the fabrics:

They are all Michael Miller fabrics but they are a few years old so they may be hard to locate.

  • Multi Gnomes
    black gnomes
  • Multi Handy Gnomes
    green gnomes
  • Black Summer Mushroom

The pattern came with a .pdf with photos to walk you through the construction process! Perfect for someone like me still trying to figure things out.

Since I bought the pattern and tutorial, I do not want to give away too much about their construction. I can talk about my mistakes though since there were plenty of them. I might also add that none of them were the fault of the pattern or tutorial!

3rufflesMy first mistake was that I only made 3 ruffles for the first pair instead of six (three for each leg) and then panicked because I was afraid I didn’t have enough material left. Luckily I did!

ripping ruffle hemThen, when I prepped those six ruffles, I hemmed both edges! I have NO idea what I was thinking when I did that. I then had to pull out my seam ripper and take half of them back out. Ugh!

I also have had to reopen and close the waistband on both pairs because either I measured my kid’s waist wrong or they both shrunk overnight!

Because my daughters have different size waists and leg lengths, I made each pair to fit a specific girl. Of course, even though I let them choose which fabric they wanted in the beginning, they now want to wear the other’s pair! I just can’t win!

I will say the scariest part of the whole process was getting to this point…

whole pants

and then doing this to them!!EEK!

cut pants

It was all worth it though. Check out the movement these pants have!M chasing ballM on trikeN riding bike