Three Boho Bags

There has been a lot of talk recently about the KnottyGirl Boho Bag. It is a fun pattern with three size options and large interior pockets. I hadn’t made a bag yet so I decided to try it out. Instead of the one bag I originally planned to make, I made three! It’s very addictive! I had a lot of fun mixing and matching fabrics and adding little decorative touches.

all 3 bags

I was a little disappointed that the mini size doesn’t have a pocket option. But after making three, I don’t think it should be too hard to do it on your own. Maybe the next time!

Maya’s mini bag has a tiger theme. Maya is going on her second year of a serious tiger obsession.

Maya's bag closed

I wanted it to have a little feminine touch too so I added the yellow trim and little hearts for the pocket binding.

Maya's bag detailMy favorite part of her bag is actually the inside. I love how the colors really pop.

Maya's bag inside

Naomi’s purse is all pink and fancy. She loves anything girly.

naomi's bag closedI added the pink flower trim just to make sure it was fru fru enough since I had originally planned it to be my purse and not quite so “fancy.”

Naomi's bag detailThe inside of her purse is a bit softer in color.

naomi's bag openMy purse is girly too. It is more floral then something I would normally carry but I still think it’s pretty. I have noticed my fabric taste is a bit more feminine then I would normally choose in store bought items. I particularly love the main body fabric and thought it would make a great bag.

my bag closed

Since I already had some blue lace trim, I just couldn’t help myself.

my bag close up

And I LOVE all the gigantic pockets on the inside!

my bag open

I used a ton of different fabrics in these bags. I counted 18 total so I decided not to list them in this post. If you see one you love and have to know what it is, feel free to ask in the comments and I will respond as soon as I can.


Sneak Peek and a Delivery

Just a pop in to say “Hello”. I have several projects going on right now and have been hopping back and forth from one to the other. It keeps things more interesting but now I have no completed projects to talk about this week! Here is a little sneak peek of what I am working on though.

A Little Selfish Sewing.


Some little boy sewing

sp 2

Some practice sewing


and a new sew-along.


I have a few more projects I am so excited to start that my already large pile of unfinished garments might just keep getting bigger!

Oh, and I also got a fun package in the mail yesterday.

hypernoodle order

Wooo hoooo! New Fabric!

fabric stack

They were shipped so perfectly folded I almost hated to wash them.


I can’t wait to find the perfect project for these little beauties!

Chevron Tutorial

matching up chevronsI have owned the yellow chevron fabric used in my last post for a few months now. I knew I wanted to make Peek-a-boo’s Sailor Shorts with it but I was very intimidated by having to match up the chevrons at the seams. I finally decided to just go ahead and do it. I created this method as I went along and it worked out great! I am pretty excited about it. Here are my finished shorts.

chevron short

I also made another pair reversing the fabrics. It was a lot less time consuming!

polka short

So here is the method I came up with.

First, I cut out a pattern piece. Then, using a fabric marker and ruler, I measured and marked off the seam allowance.

draw seam allowance

I then pinned back the seam allowance.

pin back seam allowance

Using the pinned edge, I matched up the chevrons on my fabric.

match up chevrons

Using the fabric marker, I then drew a line to mark that edge.

draw line at matched up chevrons

I measured out and drew a second line for the seam allowance.

draw a second line for seam allowance

I used the new line for placing the corresponding edge of my next pattern piece.line up your next pattern piece

I cut the new pattern piece out, pinned back my edges, and lined up and pinned them to their matching piece. I did this with all my short panels in order to easily keep track of which piece matched which.

pin pieces together

I knew I would have no control over the seam connecting the right edge of my first panel and the left edge of the last panel. It was close enough for me that I was able to fudge it. One option to adjust would be shortening or lengthening the seam allowance a little bit. I found I had to lower the left panel a little bit. It was a small enough of a difference (1/4″) that it went unnoticed once the waist band and cuffs were attached.

fudging final piece

The pinning of the seam allowances created creases.

pinning caused creases

The creases provided guides for placing my stitches.

used crease as guide

I think ironing the seam allowances instead of pinning may be more effective. If I get brave and want to try another pair of chevron shorts, I will do that instead. I think it will make a better seam placement guide.

Here are the finished shorts again on my girls last weekend.

sweet sisters

walking through the flowershugs in the flower


sew-alongI have decided to participate in my first sew-along. I am pretty excited about it!  I came across a Facebook sew-along group that does a Create Kids Couture pattern every month. This month is the Faith’s Shirred Sundress. I chose to do the girl’s pattern but you can also do the tween, woman, or doll version as well. There are some pretty great prizes too!

If you are wondering what exactly is a sew-along, you aren’t alone. I had never heard of one until recently. This sew-along picks a pattern and has set dates in which you have to complete certain steps by. Then you post a photo to show your day’s work. You have a chance to win free patterns every time you post your photo and there are some pretty awesome grand prizes available at the end of the process.

It is still in the fabric choosing phase, so please join me! Just be ready to cut your fabric by this Friday, May 17th. I ordered some new fabrics for it but I don’t think they will be here by Friday, so I dug through my stash to see what I could come up with. I haven’t decided which combination to use yet. I think I am leaning more towards the first one at the moment. What do you think?

Choice #1 – Left two fabrics for ruffles and straps. Right fabric for bodice.

blue white and greysChoice #2- Middle fabric for bodiceLeft & right fabrics for ruffles & straps.

hummers green and pinkChoice #3- Left fabric for bodiceRight fabric for ruffles & straps.

green and doves

I will keep you updated and post photos of the finished dresses at the end of the month!

Spring Fever

pink rose2In past years about this time, I was always in a frenzy. A happy plant-buying frenzy. As soon as it warmed up and the flowers put on their show, my time was spent desperately trying to get the ones I bought the last weekend in the ground so I could justify buying new ones in the coming weekend. Our yard is now in full bloom so I should be out there digging right now!

peachespeach blossom

bed in front

lady banksia beeknock out rose

But for some reason I have yet to make a trip to the local nursery. I have some gardening plans in my head but when I have free time I find myself doing something that has to do with sewing instead. I haven’t decided if this is good or bad. I am a little sad because I really love gardening and I wish I could get a bit of that back. But today when I had free time, I found myself in the fabric section… again.

I have to say the happiness that buying new fabric brings me is pretty equivalent to the happiness that gardening brings me. I just get less sunshine.

hanging fabrics side

I am going to assume some of you love to look at pretty fabrics too. So here you go. My new fabric acquisitions…

Aren’t they beautiful! My little fabric garden.

pink grey flowerschevron grey dotsgreen bluestack on stool

hanging fabrics