My New Sewing Nook

I finally did it! I set up my sewing nook. It is still lacking personality. I haven’t gotten around to painting the upstairs yet but the functionality is there and I am so excited!

You can look at my previous post to see the before photos.

Here is what it looks like now!

finished sewing area

Here is my desk area with lots of room in the future for a serger and an embroidery machine upgrade!


And my cutting table.

cutting table

Wow. I could barely find room for my fabrics before and now look at all that storage space. Oh, how I cant wait to fill it!

I even justified buying this cart I have been eyeing for months as my “current projects” storage.

project rolling cart

I had way too much fun on my Ikea trip…

hanging buckets black and white metal bins magnet bar

So I had to go to Joann’s and top it off with a spool holder and some new fabric.

threadfabrics joanns


Creating a Sewing Room

Today is my birthday and tomorrow is Mother’s Day. They always fall close together or on the same day, so every year I have the choice of combining them and getting an extra big gift 🙂 This year it wasn’t hard to convince my husband that it should be my very own sewing space. Sewing at the kitchen table has its charms. It has allowed me to sew while my kids played in the backyard or downstairs. I will miss the convenience of having my machine in the middle of it all but I have really outgrown my space and it is time to find it a better home.

Here is what my kitchen looks like now. Eek!

messy counter

messy cabinet

Pretty crazy huh! That’s not even half of it. I have other piles of fabric elsewhere. Its a mess and I am always searching for something.

So here is where I am going to be moving to (with more piles of fabric).

room before

and here is my Pinterest board I am using for inspiration.

Anyone have any ideas they would like to share? Feel free to post links to your own sewing spaces in the comments or on my Facebook page.

Now to go shopping!


Sewing With Toddlers Afoot

You may be wondering how I get any sewing done with two 3 year olds and an almost 2 year old? Well, I only just now figured it out. They may not have been mature enough for me to do it six months ago. I don’t know for sure because I didn’t try it then.  I suspect I would not have accomplished as much. However, I could have done something! If you think your kids are too young, give it a try. If it doesn’t work, then try again every few months. You will get there!

Here is how I do it:

1-      My downstairs (where I sew) looks like a preschool. There is no lack of toys, art supplies, and dress up clothes. They can access most of it by themselves.

2-      My sewing machine is on my kitchen table where I can see the entire floor and them at all times.

backyard3-      My sewing machine is also next to the back door. I have a small area accessed by this door fenced off just for the kids. It was only sod when we moved in so we made it toddler proof down to the plants. It looks like a preschool playground.

4-      I am lucky enough to have 10 hours to myself each week while my kids are at Mother’s Day Out.

toddler trashed house5-      I am willing to let my house look like a wreck during the day.

6-      I am learning that all my ducks don’t always have to be in a row and some projects actually can wait until tomorrow (the hardest part for me.)

M in costume

7-  I have started to realize that my kids don’t actually need my full attention constantly. I used to feel like I always had to be reading them a book or doing art projects. They are now learning to use their imaginations (and getting really good at it.) They don’t seem any less happy. In fact, they are probably happier because Mom is!

8-      Mickey Mouse Clubhouse


This is just what works for me. I know there are many ways to accomplish this. Don’t get discouraged if it takes a few (or a lot of) false starts. Find what works for you. Remember, women have been sewing with kids at their feet for ages.

The Perfect Sewing Room

When I first daydreamed about learning to sew, I had this idea that I was going to need a sewing desk where my machine permanently sat and all my fabrics were neatly organized on shelves nearby. In fact, not having that sort of area actually deterred me from starting.

The only serious seamstress I know is my aunt (In fact, she has her own sewing blog. Check it out: Bibi Sews ) She has a cute little sewing room on the second floor of her house. It has been years since I have been there but I remember even as a kid, being fascinated by that room.  In my mind, it is the epitome of what a sewing room should be. It was only until I got a few projects completed that I realized if I had a sewing room I wouldn’t get ANYTHING done EVER! If I shut myself away to sew, I would only be able to do it after the kids were in bed and I would never get to spend any kid-free time with my husband. The only way I am able to accomplish anything is that I sew right there among 3 rambunctious kiddos.

kids at table

Because the kids are always around me, I have to be extra careful when I need to iron and I have to turn off and unplug my machine every time I need to potty (TMI?) but I worked out a system pretty quickly. It’s not pretty, but whose house is when you have a toddler or three around? I have a kitchen cabinet dedicated to storing (or stuffing in) my supplies and if someone is coming over, I put my machine away.

sewing storage cabinet

Otherwise, my machine pretty much lives on one end of our kitchen table and has family dinner with us every night.

dinner table

Another plus side to all of this is my little Naomi is already asking if she can sew like mommy! So don’t let your lack of space keep you from turning on that machine. If you think having to pack and unpack your project every day may be worth the joy you get from sewing, then get that machine back out and make something!

In the meantime, I keep saying to myself that I will set up a dedicated sewing area upstairs when the kids are all in kindergarten. That’s really only a few (seemingly long) years away and to fill in the time, I will keep drooling over all those beautiful sewing rooms on Pinterest and daydreaming away.

Where do you do your sewing?