Making Baby Blankets

M&NWe moved to San Antonio in 2009 when John got a job offer we couldn’t refuse. Our newborn twins were not only a lot of work but cost a lot of money as well! The change was necessary but it was hard to pick up and leave all those babysitters (grandma and our close friends). We love our new city but I also miss my hometown and my family and friends a whole bunch. One of our friends has since married and he and his wife are expecting their first baby. With Christmas approaching, I needed to come up with a gift for them and with my new found love of sewing and their new baby on the way, I couldn’t resist the chance to make their gift my new sewing project!

I searched for some baby projects and finally settled on baby blankets. I wanted something really simple that I couldn’t mess up. I was going to rely on the fabrics for the cuteness factor. I headed to Joann’s Fabrics and picked up some flannels and cottons I thought were cute but not too girly or boyish. The parents have had the sex of the baby sealed in an envelope for weeks now and haven’t even peeked themselves! I say that takes some serious restraint! I wouldn’t have lasted an hour. I don’t know the name of these fabrics but I am going to try in the future to document them and let you guys know. I hate it when I see cute fabrics online and don’t know how to get them!

Now for the tutorial. You knew this was coming right? This time I decided to use one I found at Ode to Inspiration. She claims to be a beginner and “has no business doing a sewing tutorial” but she did a fabulous job. It was very easy to follow and I made two blankets in just a few hours. I made mine without the batting but I thought a layer of cotton and flannel would be plenty warm enough for a springtime Alabama baby! Her presentation was so nice I copied her folding technique.

baby blankets

I finally found some ribbon after I took the photo and tied them the same way before I shipped them. I just love her label too. It is the perfect finishing touch and I hope one day I will be able to justify getting some of my own! Now I just have to come up with the perfect handmade gift to send them after the birth. Do any of you have favorite baby gifts you love to sew?