Trista’s Sew-Along

Wooooo Hoooooo!

Its time for another sew-along!!!  Lets dance!


It has been a few months since I had the opportunity to participate in a sew-along. It seemed every time one came up I was out of town, so I was excited when the chance to participate in one using one of Create Kids Couture’ new fall releases, Trista’s Knit pixie T-shirt.

I fell in love with the pattern the moment I saw it. The hood is so quirky and fun, I knew I had to have the pattern for my girls. I love how it twists down into a point!

hood from behind

Plus it is pretty cute from the front too.

N with hood

m in hood

There are several options with the pattern. You can make it without the hood or add short sleeves or go sleeveless. They also suggest a few different ways to finish the seams and edges. I tried my first lettuce edge! In fact, I can only think of a couple of other times I have ever attempted to sew with knits, so the whole outfit was a bit outside of my normal comfort zone. Luckily, CKC’s patterns are always easy to follow and I had nothing to fear. In fact, I never used my sewing machine at all! I made both tops using only my serger (but you can do it with a sewing machine too if you don’t have one)!

n sniffing flower

Although these shirts would be adorable just paired with jeans, I had some leftover fabric that was just begging to be made into matching skirts. I had recently discovered the Cascading Ruffle Skirt tutorial by Lil Blue Boo and I had to try it. It was very simple to construct. The hardest part was cutting out all those kidney bean shaped pieces of fabric! I think they turned out pretty sweet in the end!

skirt closeup


Phoebe Sew-along and Auction

sew-alongIt is time for another sew-along post! This month’s sew-along had a very special cause. Her name is Phoebe. She is 4 years old,  the same age as my own daughters. Phoebe is battling Leukemia and Create Kids Couture’s created a pattern named after her. The profits from the Phoebe pattern go to her family for her medical costs and care. Please take a minute and visit the link to the pattern to read more about her.

Starting today, CKC is holding an auction to raise more funds for Phoebe’s care! Some of the ladies in the sew-along donated their own creations made from the Phoebe pattern.

The auction is being held on Create Kids Couture’s Facebook page.

You can go directly to the auction photos here.

Please visit and bid on these beautiful one of a kind dresses and help out sweet little Phobe.

For those interested in buying the pattern and making one of your own, the dress is fun and very easy to make. As usual, CKC created another great pattern for beginners that can be completed pretty quickly. During the sew-along we did just a few steps each day.

First we made the straps.


Then we pieced together the skirt and added the ruffle.

stripwork and ruffle

I decided since the dress was for auction, I wanted a nicer way to finish the seams. I used french seams since I don’t own a serger. They were not all that difficult and I think they turned out nicely!

french seams

Then, we finished the bodice and added the straps.


Finally, we put them all together and finished up the dress.

Phoebe auction dress

I think the bow straps are so sweet.

bow detail

If you would like to bid on my dress, visit here and place a bid between 6 AM (PST) Monday, August 5th and midnight (PST) Wednesday, August 7th. Thanks for stopping by!

Swimsuit Sew-along

sew-alongI did it! I made a swimsuit. Well actually, I made two. I am not sure I would have even attempted to sew up a swimsuit if it wasn’t for the CKC Sew-along Facebook group. I was hesitant at first when June’s pattern was announced but the fact that it had the same name as my daughter felt like a sign. So I took a chance and bought Create Kids Couture’s Naomi pattern. Luckily, finding cute swimsuit fabric wasn’t difficult since Chez Ami was kind enough to give a discount to the sew-along group. There were lots of great fabrics to choose from, so the girls and I sat down at the computer and we picked two favorites. As usual, Naomi chose pink and Maya, blue.

swim fabrics

I really enjoy the sew-alongs. Not only do I get several chances to win prizes but I learn a lot in the process. If you have a question, there are dozens of people making the same pattern at the same time there to help you. The perfect situation to try something new! Honestly, the hardest part about the whole process was cutting the fabric. It was really slippery and because it stretched four directions, it was hard to cut a straight line. I was glad to have chosen linear patterns to use as my guides. I took it slow and it worked out in the end. There were a lot of rectangles involved so I had to label all the pieces to keep from getting confused.


Then, we did a few steps each day.

bodice and strapsbodice and rufflebottoms to step 17leg bands

And finally, the finale…

girls 4

girls 3 girls 2

girls 5


I cant wait to see what they choose for July’s pattern!

Sneak Peek and a Delivery

Just a pop in to say “Hello”. I have several projects going on right now and have been hopping back and forth from one to the other. It keeps things more interesting but now I have no completed projects to talk about this week! Here is a little sneak peek of what I am working on though.

A Little Selfish Sewing.


Some little boy sewing

sp 2

Some practice sewing


and a new sew-along.


I have a few more projects I am so excited to start that my already large pile of unfinished garments might just keep getting bigger!

Oh, and I also got a fun package in the mail yesterday.

hypernoodle order

Wooo hoooo! New Fabric!

fabric stack

They were shipped so perfectly folded I almost hated to wash them.


I can’t wait to find the perfect project for these little beauties!

Sew-Along Finale

I finally finished the sew-along dresses. I am definitely doing this again! I enjoyed seeing the other participants’ dresses in each stage of their construction. I learned a lot from others and had sew much fun. 😉

Day 1 was cutting fabric.

cut fabric

Day 2 was constructing the skirt and doing the hems.

step 2

Day 3 was to make the straps.

step 3

Day 4 was to make and attach the ruffles.

step 4

Day 5 was to Shirr the bodice.

step 5

This was my first time shirring fabric and it took me a while to figure out how to do it on my Brother machine. In fact, I may do a little tutorial on shirring with a Brother in the future!

Now the final photos are due and there are 4 prizes to win. Fingers crossed!

Here is my final entry photo collage.



sew-alongI have decided to participate in my first sew-along. I am pretty excited about it!  I came across a Facebook sew-along group that does a Create Kids Couture pattern every month. This month is the Faith’s Shirred Sundress. I chose to do the girl’s pattern but you can also do the tween, woman, or doll version as well. There are some pretty great prizes too!

If you are wondering what exactly is a sew-along, you aren’t alone. I had never heard of one until recently. This sew-along picks a pattern and has set dates in which you have to complete certain steps by. Then you post a photo to show your day’s work. You have a chance to win free patterns every time you post your photo and there are some pretty awesome grand prizes available at the end of the process.

It is still in the fabric choosing phase, so please join me! Just be ready to cut your fabric by this Friday, May 17th. I ordered some new fabrics for it but I don’t think they will be here by Friday, so I dug through my stash to see what I could come up with. I haven’t decided which combination to use yet. I think I am leaning more towards the first one at the moment. What do you think?

Choice #1 – Left two fabrics for ruffles and straps. Right fabric for bodice.

blue white and greysChoice #2- Middle fabric for bodiceLeft & right fabrics for ruffles & straps.

hummers green and pinkChoice #3- Left fabric for bodiceRight fabric for ruffles & straps.

green and doves

I will keep you updated and post photos of the finished dresses at the end of the month!