The Split Pant Incident

Well everything went just fine with the first pairs of pants I made for a couple of months. They went through the wash several times beautifully but one day when I picked up my kids from school, I noticed Maya had split the crotch seam open. It is a good thing she is only three and couldn’t care less! Another few years and she would have been mortified and I would be to blame!

split pants

If you have ever spent any time with a three year old, you understand how it is impossible to get factual information about an event that happened in your absence. They will say the most random things and you never really know the whole truth. After trying for 10 minutes to pry out of her how it happened, I believe she might have fallen and it split then. However, she also told me she was playing, she was sitting, and once that it wasn’t even ripped at all, so who really knows.

I was afraid to sew it back up as is because it might just happen again! I needed to put in some extra material and didn’t know how to go about it until I noticed my yoga pants had extra material sewn in!

yoga pant

It was the perfect solution. Well perfect if you knew how to do it properly!

I fudged it. I figured as long as it looked O.K. from the outside, then it didn’t matter.

First, I cut out a scrap piece of the same fabric.


Then I sewed the top two edges on with a straight stitch and added a zig-zag stitch along the edges.

half way

Next, I cut the scrap to fit the bottom corner and sewed and finished the edges the same way I did the top two. It’s a little rough on the inside.

inside pants messy

As well as the outside.

finished patch sewn up

But you can’t tell I have done a thing to them when she is wearing them. Hopefully it will last! I guess we will know in a few more months.
maya runningMaya in pants