Chevron Tutorial

matching up chevronsI have owned the yellow chevron fabric used in my last post for a few months now. I knew I wanted to make Peek-a-boo’s Sailor Shorts with it but I was very intimidated by having to match up the chevrons at the seams. I finally decided to just go ahead and do it. I created this method as I went along and it worked out great! I am pretty excited about it. Here are my finished shorts.

chevron short

I also made another pair reversing the fabrics. It was a lot less time consuming!

polka short

So here is the method I came up with.

First, I cut out a pattern piece. Then, using a fabric marker and ruler, I measured and marked off the seam allowance.

draw seam allowance

I then pinned back the seam allowance.

pin back seam allowance

Using the pinned edge, I matched up the chevrons on my fabric.

match up chevrons

Using the fabric marker, I then drew a line to mark that edge.

draw line at matched up chevrons

I measured out and drew a second line for the seam allowance.

draw a second line for seam allowance

I used the new line for placing the corresponding edge of my next pattern piece.line up your next pattern piece

I cut the new pattern piece out, pinned back my edges, and lined up and pinned them to their matching piece. I did this with all my short panels in order to easily keep track of which piece matched which.

pin pieces together

I knew I would have no control over the seam connecting the right edge of my first panel and the left edge of the last panel. It was close enough for me that I was able to fudge it. One option to adjust would be shortening or lengthening the seam allowance a little bit. I found I had to lower the left panel a little bit. It was a small enough of a difference (1/4″) that it went unnoticed once the waist band and cuffs were attached.

fudging final piece

The pinning of the seam allowances created creases.

pinning caused creases

The creases provided guides for placing my stitches.

used crease as guide

I think ironing the seam allowances instead of pinning may be more effective. If I get brave and want to try another pair of chevron shorts, I will do that instead. I think it will make a better seam placement guide.

Here are the finished shorts again on my girls last weekend.

sweet sisters

walking through the flowershugs in the flower


Bubble Shorts

finished bubble shortsI finally made a pair (or two) of shorts.  I recently came across a few Facebook groups focused on sewing and have discovered some new pattern designers through them. One of the new patterns I bought was the Bubble shorts from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop. The directions were easy to follow and I love being able to print out the patterns on card stock. I am sure I will make several pairs of these since they go up to 8 years. When it is time to move up a size, I just have to print out a new one. So easy!

Here are the shorts on two of my cute little redhead models. They turned 4 on the day these were taken!

girls in shortsmaya in shorts2maya in shorts

naomi in shortscrazy naomi

The fabric is Pod Posey Multi by Michael Miller

MM Posey Fabric

I picked up a few blank tees and added this cute little appliqué from Hang to Dry.


I am really enjoying sewing more and more. It has grown to be something I try to find some time for every day. I always have several projects in the works and can’t wait to complete them so I can start another. I almost took my machine with us to the beach a few weekends ago because I was sad to go four days without it. I think I am officially hooked!