Sew-Along Finale

I finally finished the sew-along dresses. I am definitely doing this again! I enjoyed seeing the other participants’ dresses in each stage of their construction. I learned a lot from others and had sew much fun. ūüėČ

Day 1 was cutting fabric.

cut fabric

Day 2 was constructing the skirt and doing the hems.

step 2

Day 3 was to make the straps.

step 3

Day 4 was to make and attach the ruffles.

step 4

Day 5 was to Shirr the bodice.

step 5

This was my first time shirring fabric and it took me a while to figure out how to do it on my Brother machine. In fact, I may do a little tutorial on shirring with a Brother in the future!

Now the final photos are due and there are 4 prizes to win. Fingers crossed!

Here is my final entry photo collage.




sew-alongI have decided to participate in my first sew-along. I am pretty excited about it! ¬†I came across a Facebook sew-along group that does a¬†Create Kids Couture pattern every month. This month is the Faith’s Shirred Sundress. I chose to do the girl’s pattern but you can also do the tween, woman, or doll version as well. There are some pretty great prizes too!

If you are wondering what exactly is a sew-along, you aren’t alone. I had never heard of one until recently. This sew-along picks a pattern and has set dates in which you have to complete¬†certain¬†steps by. Then you post a photo to show your day’s work. You have a chance to win free patterns every time you post your photo and there are some pretty awesome grand prizes available at the end of the process.

It is still in the fabric choosing phase, so please join me! Just be ready to cut your fabric by this Friday, May 17th. I ordered some new fabrics for it but I don’t think they will be here by Friday, so I dug through my stash to see what I could come up with. I haven’t decided which combination to use yet. I think I am leaning more towards the first one at the moment. What do you think?

Choice #1 – Left two fabrics for ruffles and straps. Right fabric for bodice.

blue white and greysChoice #2- Middle fabric for bodice. Left & right fabrics for ruffles & straps.

hummers green and pinkChoice #3- Left fabric for bodice. Right fabric for ruffles & straps.

green and doves

I will keep you updated and post photos of the finished dresses at the end of the month!

Creating a Sewing Room

Today is my birthday and tomorrow is Mother’s Day. They always fall close together or on the same day, so every year I have the choice of combining them and getting an extra big gift ūüôā This year it wasn’t hard to convince my husband that it should be my very own sewing space. Sewing at the kitchen table has its charms. It has allowed me to sew while my kids played in the backyard or downstairs. I will miss the¬†convenience¬†of having my machine in the middle of it all but I have really outgrown my space and it is time to find it a better home.

Here is what my kitchen looks like now. Eek!

messy counter

messy cabinet

Pretty crazy huh! That’s not even half of it. I have other piles of fabric elsewhere. Its a mess and I am always searching for something.

So here is where I am going to be moving to (with more piles of fabric).

room before

and here is my Pinterest board I am using for inspiration.

Anyone have any ideas they would like to share? Feel free to post links to your own sewing spaces in the comments or on my Facebook page.

Now to go shopping!


Bubble Shorts

finished bubble shortsI finally made a pair (or two) of shorts.  I recently came across a few Facebook groups focused on sewing and have discovered some new pattern designers through them. One of the new patterns I bought was the Bubble shorts from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop. The directions were easy to follow and I love being able to print out the patterns on card stock. I am sure I will make several pairs of these since they go up to 8 years. When it is time to move up a size, I just have to print out a new one. So easy!

Here are the shorts on two of my cute little redhead models. They turned 4 on the day these were taken!

girls in shortsmaya in shorts2maya in shorts

naomi in shortscrazy naomi

The fabric is Pod Posey Multi by Michael Miller

MM Posey Fabric

I picked up a few blank tees and added this cute little appliqué from Hang to Dry.


I am really enjoying sewing more and more. It has grown to be something I try to find some time for every day. I always have several projects in the works and can’t wait to complete them so I can start another. I almost took my machine with us to the beach a few weekends ago because I was sad to go four days without it. I think I am officially hooked!