Swimsuit Sew-along

sew-alongI did it! I made a swimsuit. Well actually, I made two. I am not sure I would have even attempted to sew up a swimsuit if it wasn’t for the CKC Sew-along Facebook group. I was hesitant at first when June’s pattern was announced but the fact that it had the same name as my daughter felt like a sign. So I took a chance and bought Create Kids Couture’s Naomi pattern. Luckily, finding cute swimsuit fabric wasn’t difficult since Chez Ami was kind enough to give a discount to the sew-along group. There were lots of great fabrics to choose from, so the girls and I sat down at the computer and we picked two favorites. As usual, Naomi chose pink and Maya, blue.

swim fabrics

I really enjoy the sew-alongs. Not only do I get several chances to win prizes but I learn a lot in the process. If you have a question, there are dozens of people making the same pattern at the same time there to help you. The perfect situation to try something new! Honestly, the hardest part about the whole process was cutting the fabric. It was really slippery and because it stretched four directions, it was hard to cut a straight line. I was glad to have chosen linear patterns to use as my guides. I took it slow and it worked out in the end. There were a lot of rectangles involved so I had to label all the pieces to keep from getting confused.


Then, we did a few steps each day.

bodice and strapsbodice and rufflebottoms to step 17leg bands

And finally, the finale…

girls 4

girls 3 girls 2

girls 5


I cant wait to see what they choose for July’s pattern!

6 thoughts on “Swimsuit Sew-along

  1. Omg,Breane,you are getting soo good ! I just love these pictures of the girls! They are so cute in their new swimsuits!

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