Happy Anniversary!

Just checking in to say “Hello” and to wish Mama Can Sew a Happy Anniversary!

My blog’s one year anniversary snuck by me a few weeks ago. I can’t believe it has been that long. It is amazing how much you can learn in a year! I feel like I have really improved but also have so much more to learn.

I get asked a lot about my future plans. I am not exactly sure what they are for my blog or my sewing at the moment. I started the blog to keep me accountable for my projects. It was intended to push me to follow through and finish them. It has also unexpectedly pushed me to put more effort in photographing my children. In the process, I have captured a lot of cute photos of my kids that I wouldn’t otherwise have! It has been a challenge to keep up with it, but all your encouraging comments have inspired me to keep sewing and blogging about my projects. Thank you all for your kind words!

I have also had a lot of questions about my future plans for sewing. I get a lot of inquiries about commissions and/or a possible future Etsy store. I occasionally do a commission. I like to do things that I am comfortable with. I want to keep sewing stress free at the moment. I have toyed with the idea of an Etsy store, but whenever I get serious about it, I realize I am not quite ready. I really appreciate every one of your inquiries however. Every time I am asked this, I am honored that you think so much of my sewing ability, and I do hope one day to turn my love of sewing into a business. Again, thank you!

So this entry won’t be completely without photos, here is a commission I did do a few months back.

I love the Triple Ruffle Pants pattern from FooFoo Threads. You may remember them from my past blog entries here and here. So when I had a request from another mom in my local multiples group to make her twins a pair, I couldn’t resist. I hope those sweeties enjoy them!

grey pair red pair

I just love those ruffles!

close up of ruffles


Christmas Gifts 2013

As promised, here are some of the gifts I made this past Christmas.

I started the gift making frenzy with a few purses. I used Sis Boom’s Rosetta Ruffle Bag PDF Pattern. It was surprisingly easy since I was able to use my serger to ruffle. Making ruffles by machine is so much faster than gathering by hand!


They even have interior pockets and a magnetic snap.

inside of purse

I then tackled a few aprons. The Sis Boom Betsey Reversible Apron PDF Pattern actually comes with the purse pattern I used above! It is also a fun, easy pattern once you get passed making all that bias tape. Ugh!


I needed to figure out a guy gift too. I finally settled on a wallet. I used this free tutorial from Modest Maven. I made a few mistakes, but I think it turned out alright. Let’s just say it has character.

wallet outside

It has plenty of pockets.

wallet inside

I picked myself out a Christmas gift this year too.

emb machine

It came a few weeks early, so I was able to use it to make gifts as well.

I picked up a couple of nice dishtowel sets from Target and used Embroidery Library’s A Snowman Toile Scenes Pack on one.

dishcloths for GG

The other set of dishtowels was a little more involved. I took a few drawings my kids made, scanned them, and then used a computer program that takes the images and turns them into embroidery designs. This process could probably be a blog entry in itself but I forgot to take photos! Luckily my stepfather let me borrow the image of them he posted on Facebook. Thanks Jim!

jims photo of dishtowels

I had a few other gifts in mind but I ran out of time to make them. I guess they can wait until next year!