Our trip to Disney World

I know its been quite a while since I last posted. This may continue for a bit longer. I haven’t quit sewing; I just have not been posting about it lately. I will try to check in from time to time with things I think are worth sharing with you all. I did have a few requests to post my creations for my family’s recent trip to Disney World. So here are the 5 days worth of kids clothes I made for the trip! Whew! whole setThe majority of the blank shirts were purchased at Target or Wal-Mart and I added the appliques with my embroidery machine. I also did not sew any of the shorts my son is wearing in the photos below. I ran out of time and he had PLENTY already! I did make all the girls bottoms. I am pretty impressed with myself because we decided on the trip just a little over a month before we left and I only had 12 kid-free school days to plan the outfits and make them.

The kids were just as excited about the plane ride as they were about
going to Disney World!
daddy and naomi in the plane maya and calder in the plane








On day 1, we arrived at our hotel around noon and headed to the Magic Kingdom. The kids wore their Frozen outfits. The girls chose Elsa appliques and Calder chose Olaf. elsa on girls The pants were made using Create Kids Couture’s new Raelyn’s Triple Ruffle Bow Shorts pattern.elsa close up The Elsa applique design is from CuteByKira and the Olaf design is from AppliqueCandy. I am so in love with using glitter sheets!OLAF Of course, we had to stop for a Dole Whip! Yum! Maya with pinapple ice cream
On day 2, we headed to Epcot and the kids wore their Mickey and Minnie shirts. The Mouse head appliques are from Blastostitch. The monogram is from Hang to Dry. I accidentally put Calder’s Mickey too low so I added the “Meeska Mooska” above it using a Blastostitch Disney font. The shorts are Whimsy Couture Ruffle Shorts pattern. They are really easy to make and the pattern comes with optional belt loops and a pocket. I will try adding those next time.mickey heads 2 Epcot is my favorite park and I think the kids really had a blast too! Maya with shark naomi panda fireworks
On day 3, we went to Hollywood Studios. They wore shirts with their first initial on them.MGM Outfits The skirts have a surprise.They are actually skorts! I used the easy to sew 5 Berries Isabella skort pattern. SKORT The shirts’ alpha applique is also from Hang to Dry. c shirt We also got to meet Jake. It was one of Calder’s favorite moments! with Jake
Day 4 was my girls’ 5th Birthday! We decided to head back to the Magic Kingdom to celebrate. birthday outfits in front of castle The shorts are from The Mean Princess whose Etsy shop is currently closed but you can send them a request to notify you if she decides to reopen it. The applique is from DaisySproutsDesigns. Naomi was so excited to have a shirt with a unicorn drawn carriage on it. Calder’s shirt was inspired by a super cute Prince Charming costume I saw on Etsy. The shop has been removed but she does have a Facebook page here. Hopefully she will reopen it because her shirts are wonderful! prince charmingThe girl’s had a great birthday! A little rain didn’t stop the fun. teacups It also made for a beautiful backdrop for the castle.castle
Day 5 was spent at the Animal Kingdom. It was VERY wet. bucky on CalderI didn’t get a lot of good photos of the kids in their outfits.We spent most of the day sprinting from shelter to shelter and we all were soaked! Calder’s Bucky applique is from Glizystiches. He loves this shirt and requested to wear it again to school today!bucky close up The girls wore tops with deer appliques from DBembroideryDesigns. deer Their shorts are from Little Kiwis Closet. I just love the little bow details on the sides! short bow sides We had an awesome time and are looking forward to our next trip back in a few years.At least I have a little more time to plan their outfits. 😉


Holiday Dresses

I haven’t been very good about updating my blog recently. I apologize to anyone missing my posts! Most of my sewing these past months has been for Christmas presents and I can’t share them yet. I don’t want to ruin the surprises for my family! I promise I will share them all after Christmas.

I can finally share the girls Christmas dresses however!  I actually finished them a few months ago, but I wanted to wait until it was closer to Christmas to post them. Here you go….

girls by tree

I used Create Kids Couture’s Violettes dress pattern. Those swirls were a LOT of work but they just screamed “peppermint” at me and I decided to use the pattern for their holiday dresses.

The bodice seemed a bit empty, so I decided to add an applique. I wanted it to mimic the swirls of the skirt, so I created a miniature version of them to use as the fabric. The letters are Hang to Dry’s Every Day Applique Alpha.


The girls’ favorite part of the dresses is that they are great for twirling. So great, I think I am going to have to whip up some bloomers before Christmas! Oops!

maya spinning

First Day of Pre-K Outfits

Today was my girls’ first day of Pre-K. I really wanted to get a cute shot of them on the way out the door but for the first time in forever, it was actually raining. The lighting inside my home is terrible, especially when it’s dreary outside, so this was the best shot I could get.


Luckily when the girls came home, they didn’t have lunch or paint all over them, so when there was a break in the rain, I took them outside to get some more shots.

DSC_0474 DSC_0428 DSC_0419

The pants are Foo Foo Threads Triple Ruffle Capris. You may recognize them. It is the same pattern I used for my gnome pants in this post.


I actually made them a few months ago and bought the pink shirts at Target to go with them. I never posted about them before because I always thought the outfit was still missing something.


I thought an applique on the shirt would probably help. I had been eyeing Hang To Dry’s Scalloped Circular Monogram and decided it would be perfect!


Unfortunately, I did the one thing you should never do when using an embroidery machine. I looked away. It was only for a moment but the needle caught the bottom of the shirt and ripped a hole in it.

I wasn’t quite sure what to do about it at first. Then, I remembered seeing several photos of little purses sewn onto children’s clothes. I did a quick search and found this free tutorial and pattern over at Welcome to the Mouse House and got to work. They covered the hole perfectly and I think it was a pretty cute addition to the outfit!


I just love these pants and so do my girls. They are like having six tiny little twirly skirts on your legs. So much fun!

DSC_0491 DSC_0509 DSC_0528

Boys Cargo Shorts

I feel like all I do is sew for my girls. There are so many cute girly patterns out there but boy clothes are pretty basic. To make it interesting, I decided to let my husband pick out a few fabrics for Calder. He chose a couple of Star Wars prints and I choose the Create Kids Couture Ethan’s Cargo Shorts pattern.

sw shortsCalder loves the velcro pocket.

pocketcalder 1 calder 2 calder 3 calder 4Poor kitty.

I thought the outfit needed a little something extra so I purchased this cute “Jedi in training” applique file from Blastostitch.com and added it to his red t-shirt.

jedi in training

Then, I found a Spiderman remnant at Hobby Lobby that was just enough for a second pair of shorts. The pattern is easy to follow and simple to make. By the time I got to the second pair, it only took me about an hour to complete them. I will probably make a few more before school starts back next month.

spidey shorts

These turned out to be his favorite.
Luckily, he already had the perfect shirt to match.

calder wearing spidey shorts

Bubble Shorts

finished bubble shortsI finally made a pair (or two) of shorts.  I recently came across a few Facebook groups focused on sewing and have discovered some new pattern designers through them. One of the new patterns I bought was the Bubble shorts from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop. The directions were easy to follow and I love being able to print out the patterns on card stock. I am sure I will make several pairs of these since they go up to 8 years. When it is time to move up a size, I just have to print out a new one. So easy!

Here are the shorts on two of my cute little redhead models. They turned 4 on the day these were taken!

girls in shortsmaya in shorts2maya in shorts

naomi in shortscrazy naomi

The fabric is Pod Posey Multi by Michael Miller

MM Posey Fabric

I picked up a few blank tees and added this cute little appliqué from Hang to Dry.


I am really enjoying sewing more and more. It has grown to be something I try to find some time for every day. I always have several projects in the works and can’t wait to complete them so I can start another. I almost took my machine with us to the beach a few weekends ago because I was sad to go four days without it. I think I am officially hooked!

Tulle Heart Shirts

Just want to share some new shirts I did for the girls.

finished hearts shirts

The design is Bunch of Hearts by Hang to Dry. I hope you like their designs as much as I do because I have bought a lot of them and I am sure they will keep popping up on my blog! This particular design, using tulle and an unconventional applique process, was outside of my previous experience but I carefully studied the process photos they have posted online and came up with this.

machine sewing hearts shapes

Stitch out the hearts.

pile of hearts

Cut them out.

hearts layed out on shirt

Arrange them on shirt.

Cut off the bottom points to help keep down the bulk of the extra tulle when attaching them.

sewing on hearts

Attach the hearts.

hearts up close

Cut out the top of the hearts and fluff!

I think I did it right. Maybe? I really wish I had larger then a 4″ x 4″ embroidery area for a bigger impact. Sigh… one day. They are cute none the less and the girls love to wear them!

girls in shirts

Appliqué Tutorial for T-Shirts

finished shirtI have an addiction. I can’t seem to stop buying digitized appliqué designs and have way more than any one person should EVER need. Every time there is a sale, I get excited. Then, there are the freebies! I just can’t help myself when it comes to freebies!
My son recently turned turned 2 and I  decided to make him a birthday shirt to wear to school. I dug through all my birthday-themed appliqué files and found one suitable for a little boy. I have also come to realize that I have a lot more girl-themed appliqués then boy. More reason to shop!

So as promised… here is my appliqué tutorial. Yep, I know there are plenty of them out there but I have noticed that everybody does it a little differently. Here is the way I am currently doing it for my shirts:

Supplies needed:


  • Embroidery machine 😉
  • T-Shirt
  • Appliqué design file
  • Fabrics
  • Iron-on tear-away stabilizer
  • Cut-away stabilizer –  I like Sulky tender touch because you can also iron it on the inside of the finished shirt to keep toddler skin from being irritated by the embroidery.
  • Embroidery thread
  • Scissors – I have a pair of small curved Fiskars scissors that are perfect for this. The curved edge helps you cut really close to the edge of the appliqué fabric.

I borrowed major parts of my process from Cole’s Corner and Creations. Her tutorial is a lot more involved. I am always looking for ways to cut corners with my projects so I have eliminated some of the steps that didn’t work for me. I also am not making shirts for anyone but my children so if you are making a shirt for a gift or profit, I suggest you use her tutorial instead!

All right, here we go!

First, I iron a vertical crease down the front of the shirt.

ironed crease

I then cut a piece of tear-away stabilizer slightly smaller than my hoop. Fold it both vertically and horizontally. Line up the vertical crease of the tear-away with the vertical crease in the shirt and iron it to the inside of the shirt. (Pay close attention to which stabilizer I am using where in this tutorial. I know it can get confusing! I have underlined each type to help you.)

creased stabelizer

If you have ironed out the crease, then re-iron it.

Place a piece of cut-away stabilizer in your hoop and pull on the edges until it is tight.

hooped drum

Use the creases you made in your shirt to align it evenly within the hoop and then pin the shirt to the cut-away stabilizer that is tightened in the hoop.

pinned to hoop

Make sure the outside of the shirt is facing up when you place your hoop in your machine.

And make sure your sleeves are not tucked underneath!!!

sleeves out

If this is your first time using an appliqué design file, there are 3 parts to each section.

  1. The First Outline – lets you know exactly where to place your fabric
  2. The Second Outline – sews down your fabric
  3. The Final embroidery – puts down the decorative stitches

Let the machine run the first outline and then place your fabric.

first outline

Run the second outline. Use your curved scissors to cut the fabric off as close to the stitched edge as possible without cutting the thread. You may have to remove the hoop from the machine to do this. Be careful not to shift your hooped material.

second outline

cutting away fabric

Run your final embroidery.

final embroidery

Repeat with the rest of the design.

Please try not to be discouraged if you run into issues. I always seem to have a problem of one type or another. You can usually figure out what is happening by reading your machine’s manual or searching for help online.

This time it was that my needles kept breaking.

needle breaking

I was pretty frustrated until I finally realized my kids had been playing with my machine and had turned the tension dial too tight! I loosened it and didn’t have another issue! Luckily, I also had plenty of extra needles.

After finishing the appliqué, I decided to embroider my son’s name underneath the design. To do this, I unhooped my finished design, tore off the tear-away stabilizer and cut off the cut-away stabilizer. I then started back at the beginning by attaching the folded stabilizer and continuing on through the steps I used to prep the shirt the first time around.

I do have quite a few fonts I have downloaded but I found it easier to use the ones that came pre-installed on my machine. I suggest you run a few sample sizes on a scrap piece of fabric so you can determine the right size lettering for your project.

practice font

Once you have determined the correct size and placement, re-hoop your shirt centered on where you want the middle of your text to be and embroider away!

Here is Calder (with his big sisters) wearing the finished shirt on his birthday! Can you believe this is the only thing I have made for him. I really need to come up with more little boy sewing projects soon!school Calders bdaysmall