Halloween Skirts

It makes me a bit sad and a whole lot of relieved to say I am not making Halloween costumes for my kids this year. Naomi and Calder want to wear costumes we already own and Maya talked us into a store-bought kitty costume. I really wanted to make something for Halloween though, so I picked up a cute Halloween fat quarter bundle from Joanns with no plans in particular for it. After digging through the fall clothes, I found a pair of purple Halloween shirts I bought on clearance last year and decided to make skirts to go with them.

girls leaning in skirts

I used the 5 Berries Isabella skort for inspiration. I just finished two Isabellas a few weeks back (I will post them another day), so I was pretty familiar with their construction. To make the skirts, I used stripwork in an attempt to get enough continuous fabric for the main body. I was able to sew three strips together to get enough length for the ruffle. After laying it all out, I realized I didn’t have quite enough fabric still, so I added a purple batik from another bundle I had. I think it helped pull it together with the purple shirt better anyway!

naomi's skirt maya's skirt

We finally had a cool day today, so the girls got to wear them to school. I just hope we have a few more fall-like days before Halloween, so they get worn more than once!


School Picture Day

When I picked up the kids Monday afternoon from preschool, they had stickers on their back to let me know the next day was picture day. Of course, I wanted to make something special for the girls to wear. Maya has been begging me to make her something out of the “bad wolf” fabric (otherwise known as Micheal Miller’s Les Amis – Dawn Collection) and I chose Create Kids Couture’s Molly’s Faux Apron Peasant Dress for the pattern.

maya in mollys

I picked the pattern thinking it would be simple, quick, and easy. It was, but I didn’t get them done in time… or so I thought!  After I gave up for the evening, I checked my email and found out their class wouldn’t be photographed for two more days. Yippee! I even found the time to make a couple of matching headbands using FooFoo Threads ruched headband pattern.

dandelion 1

dandelion 2

dandelion 3

Naomi says “make a wish!” My wish is that they follow the photographer’s directions better than mine today!