Spring Fever

pink rose2In past years about this time, I was always in a frenzy. A happy plant-buying frenzy. As soon as it warmed up and the flowers put on their show, my time was spent desperately trying to get the ones I bought the last weekend in the ground so I could justify buying new ones in the coming weekend. Our yard is now in full bloom so I should be out there digging right now!

peachespeach blossom

bed in front

lady banksia beeknock out rose

But for some reason I have yet to make a trip to the local nursery. I have some gardening plans in my head but when I have free time I find myself doing something that has to do with sewing instead. I haven’t decided if this is good or bad. I am a little sad because I really love gardening and I wish I could get a bit of that back. But today when I had free time, I found myself in the fabric section… again.

I have to say the happiness that buying new fabric brings me is pretty equivalent to the happiness that gardening brings me. I just get less sunshine.

hanging fabrics side

I am going to assume some of you love to look at pretty fabrics too. So here you go. My new fabric acquisitions…

Aren’t they beautiful! My little fabric garden.

pink grey flowerschevron grey dotsgreen bluestack on stool

hanging fabrics