My First Sewing Project

Hello! I am a busy SAHM and I am teaching myself to sew. I have three toddlers at home and it hasn’t been easy but I am having lots of fun. I want to share my adventure with others interested in following along and joining me in my journey! But enough about that! If you want more info, feel free to click on the “about me” tab. Alright… here we go!

My very first sewing project was a few months back. I had actually bought my sewing machine over two years ago but still had not used it for anything other than hemming pants. Actually, maybe hemming pants was really my first project because I had no idea how to do that properly until then.  I found a few tutorials online and figured it out on my own. The internet is a novice sewer’s best friend!

But back to a few months ago… my girls still fit last year’s jeans in the waist but they were too short. I’d seen ruffle jeans on boutique kids clothing sites and decided I would give it a shot. Since the jeans already didn’t fit, the worst I could do was waste fabric and thread! Back to the internet I went. I came across this great tutorial on From an Igloo . Her instructions are so easy to follow and I had no trouble doing it on my own. I grabbed some fabric I had stored away (I don’t know who made it or its name but i will post a closeup) and got to work!

finished jeansfabric

I was so excited I even posted the results on my personal Facebook page. Thank you FB friends for indulging me and giving me confidence in my sewing abilities. In fact, I was so thankful for the easy-to-follow tutorial that (if you look down on the comments on the From an Igloo link above) you can see where I left a thank you note to Christine, the owner of the blog.

Here is a photo of Maya wearing the jeans. Calder noticed the camera and wanted his picture taken too. I did NOT make his clothes!

maya in jeans calder by door

The jeans aren’t just for girly girls either. They make great digging pants!

playing in jeans

I have wanted to learn to sew ever since I had kids and now I had finally found a way to make this happen! The internet is going to help me teach myself! Have any of you found great online sewing tutorials? What was your first sewing “A-ha I can do this” moment? Please feel free to share them in the comment section below.