Christmas Gifts 2013

As promised, here are some of the gifts I made this past Christmas.

I started the gift making frenzy with a few purses. I used Sis Boom’s Rosetta Ruffle Bag PDF Pattern. It was surprisingly easy since I was able to use my serger to ruffle. Making ruffles by machine is so much faster than gathering by hand!


They even have interior pockets and a magnetic snap.

inside of purse

I then tackled a few aprons. The Sis Boom Betsey Reversible Apron PDF Pattern actually comes with the purse pattern I used above! It is also a fun, easy pattern once you get passed making all that bias tape. Ugh!


I needed to figure out a guy gift too. I finally settled on a wallet. I used this free tutorial from Modest Maven. I made a few mistakes, but I think it turned out alright. Let’s just say it has character.

wallet outside

It has plenty of pockets.

wallet inside

I picked myself out a Christmas gift this year too.

emb machine

It came a few weeks early, so I was able to use it to make gifts as well.

I picked up a couple of nice dishtowel sets from Target and used Embroidery Library’s A Snowman Toile Scenes Pack on one.

dishcloths for GG

The other set of dishtowels was a little more involved. I took a few drawings my kids made, scanned them, and then used a computer program that takes the images and turns them into embroidery designs. This process could probably be a blog entry in itself but I forgot to take photos! Luckily my stepfather let me borrow the image of them he posted on Facebook. Thanks Jim!

jims photo of dishtowels

I had a few other gifts in mind but I ran out of time to make them. I guess they can wait until next year!


6 thoughts on “Christmas Gifts 2013

  1. I am really very impressed by your creativity and growing sewing skills! To think, you started sewing less than 2 years ago!

  2. It was SEU Design. I will need to find a new one now though. It used to be a free program but they changed that this month and now it is priced just as expensive as all the other digitizing software. 😦 I wouldn’t go to the website right now either. I was going to post a link but my virus software just detected a trojan when I opened it.

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