Trista’s Sew-Along

Wooooo Hoooooo!

Its time for another sew-along!!!  Lets dance!


It has been a few months since I had the opportunity to participate in a sew-along. It seemed every time one came up I was out of town, so I was excited when the chance to participate in one using one of Create Kids Couture’ new fall releases, Trista’s Knit pixie T-shirt.

I fell in love with the pattern the moment I saw it. The hood is so quirky and fun, I knew I had to have the pattern for my girls. I love how it twists down into a point!

hood from behind

Plus it is pretty cute from the front too.

N with hood

m in hood

There are several options with the pattern. You can make it without the hood or add short sleeves or go sleeveless. They also suggest a few different ways to finish the seams and edges. I tried my first lettuce edge! In fact, I can only think of a couple of other times I have ever attempted to sew with knits, so the whole outfit was a bit outside of my normal comfort zone. Luckily, CKC’s patterns are always easy to follow and I had nothing to fear. In fact, I never used my sewing machine at all! I made both tops using only my serger (but you can do it with a sewing machine too if you don’t have one)!

n sniffing flower

Although these shirts would be adorable just paired with jeans, I had some leftover fabric that was just begging to be made into matching skirts. I had recently discovered the Cascading Ruffle Skirt tutorial by Lil Blue Boo and I had to try it. It was very simple to construct. The hardest part was cutting out all those kidney bean shaped pieces of fabric! I think they turned out pretty sweet in the end!

skirt closeup


10 thoughts on “Trista’s Sew-Along

  1. Love! Love ! Love ! Your models are doing such a great job showing off mama’s sewing … These are beyond cute, they are so quirky and beautiful at the same time.

  2. Breane, your sewing really amazes me. It inspires me and baffles me. I mean, truly – you have only been sewing for a few years, right? You are creating heirloom pieces that I bet your girls’ girls will wear one day! It really makes me read with my mouth open. The patterns and colors, the neatness of your stitching. I am amazed. And it makes me think that it’s not too late. I always feel like I won’t be good at it, I won’t have the time or patience to stick with it. But I bet if i just sit down and do a pattern to myself, i would love it!! Yay for you!!!

    • Aww. Thanks Mandy! I am sure you would be great at it too. Yes, just sit down with a pattern that you really want and make sure you complete it. At least that is what worked for me. It was that “Wow, I really made this” moment that kept me going.

  3. I’m with Michelle. I want the adult version too. Really digging the vertical ruffles on the skirt, and that hoodie tail is just too cute. I also love your mix of bold patterns. What a beautiful outfit and that model…adorable!

  4. So glad you and the girls are enjoying this but you did not get the sewing skill or patience from me. I have always loved putting fabrics together and the design end but never had the patience to sit at the machine. Wish I did. These are great! Maybe it was the 45 Mime costumes we made one time for abstract mannequins for a Parisian store opening we did. Glad they did not have to last through a real wear as they were poorly put together. Got the effect we wanted.

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