Two BG Nelles in One Day

Two days before we headed out of town for a family reunion, I decided to make the girls each a new summer dress to wear to the party. I thought perhaps I was crazy trying to attempt two dresses in one day, but several people assured me that not only was the Brownie Goose Nelle super cute, it was also a very fast sew. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to turn out the “one dress an hour” that the more experienced seamstresses claimed, but I have enough confidence in sewing now that I was ready to attempt two in a day.

hanging on the rose

The pattern turned out to be just as easy and cute as they claimed. It is a beautifully simple pattern that allows for lots of little special touches of your own. Because of my time constraints and my colorful fabric choice, I kept my dresses very simple but I already have a dozen plans in my head for new ones!

An unexpected bonus was that the back and the front are identical so it is really easy for 4 year olds to dress themselves!


The girls have ended up wearing these dresses often. They have turned out to be our go-to-dresses recently! They always get compliments when we go out and I see lots of Nelles in our future.




It has been over a month since I made these dresses and my girls wear them at least once a week. I am embarrassed to say I just now noticed that the elephant fabric is upside down on one of them! I guess that is what happens when I try to speed sew. Thank you to everyone that noticed and didn’t point it out and embarrass me. We are going to wear them again this afternoon and I just know I won’t be able to stop thinking about it. Sigh…


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