Baby Shoes and Creating a Bib Pattern

We just returned from a trip to Alabama to visit family and friends (which explains my lack of posts recently). A few days before we left, I decided to make a quick gift for some friends who recently had a baby boy. I originally wanted to make a Jon Jon but since I was limited in time and supplies, I decided I needed another idea. I found this cute little tutorial and pattern for baby shoes and decided I would make a couple of pairs. I grabbed my new Robert Kaufman Out N’ About Cameras fabric and a large scrap of my striped fabric leftover from my Big Boy Pocket Pants. Unfortunately, my first attempt was a failure. I think I must have made a mistake cutting the fabric. Luckily, my second pair turned out just fine!

camera shoesA single pair of shoes just didn’t seem like enough, so I decided to make a couple of matching bibs to go with them. I didn’t have a pattern for a bib but I thought I could draft one based on an old bib I found packed away in a kitchen drawer.

To make the pattern, I taped a few pieces of card stock together and traced around the bib. I squared off the bottom to make it more a little more boyish.

traced and squared bib

After adding the seam allowance, I realized the straps weren’t quite even, so I folded the pattern in half and cut both sides at the same time to make sure they were mirror images of each other. In hind sight, I suppose I could have created a half pattern to be cut on a fold instead.

cut folded bib folded bib

Here is the finished pattern.

finished bib pattern

I then cut out my front and back pieces, sewed them along the edges (right sides together) leaving a two inch opening. Using my opening, I turned the bibs right side out and closed the opening after pressing the edges inwards.

Since I didn’t have any flannel or minky in my stash, I used brown knit for the underside.

back of bib

I think they turned out pretty cute!

finished bibs and shoes


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