Scrap Buster – Piecing together your own fabric from scraps

quilted fabric closeI have only been sewing for about six months and already I have a LOT of fabric scraps. I really love buying fabric but I have been feeling guilty about how much I have been spending. Then it hit me, make fabric from your scraps! I am sure I am not the first to come up with the idea but I was pretty proud of myself for saving a few bucks on fabric. I am so pleased with the results I think I will do it again soon!

quilted fabricI cut 4 x 4 squares out of some of the fabric scraps I thought would complement each other and sewed them together like a simple block quilt top.

I actually sewed together the scraps a few weeks before I decided what to use them for. As soon as I saw the E&E Bubble Pocket Shorts pattern, I knew that was what I wanted to use them for. I didn’t piece together quite enough yardage for the pattern but I still had plenty of larger scraps left for the pockets, tie, and cuffs.

N's Shorts

M's Shorts

I let each of my girls pick their own scraps for the extra needed yardage so they felt like they got to be a part of the process. It also helps tell whose pair of shorts is whose because I have to make Naomi’s slimmer then Maya’s.

girls dancing


They seem to like them as much as I do and immediately filled those gigantic pockets up with their little treasures.

maya in e&e patchwork shorts


10 thoughts on “Scrap Buster – Piecing together your own fabric from scraps

  1. Wow! These are neat! Love the use of fabric scraps to make something so unique! Have you thought about entering these in the Flip This Pattern Sew-along competition over at FrancesSuzanne?

  2. So happy to see you link up in the “Flip this Pattern” sew-along {and, thank you, Heidi for spreading the word}!! Your girls are sooooo cute. Way to go on a scrap-busting project with a little guidance from the girls….looks like it is definitely kid-approved….

  3. June “Flip this Pattern”: WINNERS ANNOUNCED ‹ Frances Suzanne

  4. June "Flip this Pattern": WINNERS ANNOUNCED ‹ Frances SuzanneFrances Suzanne

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