Big Boy Pocket Pants

calder in pants 4Just sharing some big boy pants I made for Calder. As usual, I used the pants tutorial from MADE. I was obviously inspired by her striped pants. I love them and I need more striped fabrics NOW!!!

finished striped pants

I tried really hard to keep those lines straight! Can you find the seam in the photo below?find the seam

Here are a few more photos just for fun!

calder in pants 1

I wish I could remember exactly what he was telling me here!

calder in pants 2

Anything, even cereal bars, can be an airplane if you just use your imagination!

I also made this cute little plaid pair too. I have found that her pattern is a little too low rise on my kids so I added an extra inch to the top on this pair. Hopefully, there will be no more diapers peeking out when he bends over!

brown pants

I really had fun with the lining of the pockets. It shows along the edge but I consider it a happy accident. I want to do piping all around them on the next pair!

pocket liningaccidental piping

It is getting warmer every day. It has already been in the 80’s quite a bit and cold days are over here in San Antonio so pants might go on hold for awhile. I see lots of pairs of pint-sized shorts in my future though!


10 thoughts on “Big Boy Pocket Pants

  1. I found the seam but only after following the pattern on lower part of the pant first then the upper… are getting very good!

  2. Oh my goodness! Piping, lined pockets, matching stripes…you are no longer a beginning Sewist, m’dear! This Mama can sew! He is the cutest little boy I have seen in a while. Love the first pic!, keep sewing!

  3. Love both pants. And, I love seeing pictures of the kids. I wanted to make me a skirt the other day and realized how little I knew about sewing clothes. Also realized that I didn’t have the tools either. However, I am inspired to make something for Lydia. These pants might just be the thing. Found the seam too but had to look at the edge otherwise its invisible. Great job!

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