Pants are Sooooo Easy… and Appliquéd Shirts to Match!

heart drops and pantsMy girls keep growing by the minute and outgrowing their pants. The weather went from hot to cool almost overnight last year and I found myself without enough cold weather clothes for my kids. I then remembered coming across a kid’s pant tutorial once on a blog I regularly read, MADE . So I pulled out some fabrics I had sitting around, printed out her free pattern and got to work. I decided instead of making both pants at once I would do one at a time. That way if I messed up, I wouldn’t ruin both pairs at the same time. Believe it or not, I didn’t need to worry! Her tutorial was so easy to follow and the pants so easy to make, that I whipped them up in no time! I was very pleased with myself but the best part was my husband’s reaction when I showed them off and he looked surprised and said “You mean you actually made those?” He was as shocked as I was.

Dana also has some other cute pant tutorials available on her blog and I have plans to make more soon! My kids need some new clothes and I am not sure if I can justify paying for pants ever again!

Here is my fabric list:

Both fabrics were 100% cotton and from Brother Sister Design Studio which I found out is a private label brand for Hobby Lobby.

  • -Phyllipa Lattice
    green fabric
  • -Ainsley Swirl
    brown fabric

Now all I needed was matching shirts! I bought two long sleeve pink shirts at Target and the cutest appliqué design called Hanging Hearts from Hang to Dry.  I used an extra layer of the fabrics for each heart. Then after the machine finished sewing, I wet and ran my fingernail along the edges to fray them. I used some of the same fabrics as the pants but also used some from a quarter bundle from Joann’s, so I have no idea what they are called (sorry!).

hearts appliqueUnfortunately, I don’t have any photos of the process because I actually made them before I decided to start blogging about my sewing. I promise I will do some appliqué tutorials in the future!

Here is a close up of the finished appliqué. I think it turned out pretty cute for my first shirt!


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