The Perfect Sewing Room

When I first daydreamed about learning to sew, I had this idea that I was going to need a sewing desk where my machine permanently sat and all my fabrics were neatly organized on shelves nearby. In fact, not having that sort of area actually deterred me from starting.

The only serious seamstress I know is my aunt (In fact, she has her own sewing blog. Check it out: Bibi Sews ) She has a cute little sewing room on the second floor of her house. It has been years since I have been there but I remember even as a kid, being fascinated by that room.  In my mind, it is the epitome of what a sewing room should be. It was only until I got a few projects completed that I realized if I had a sewing room I wouldn’t get ANYTHING done EVER! If I shut myself away to sew, I would only be able to do it after the kids were in bed and I would never get to spend any kid-free time with my husband. The only way I am able to accomplish anything is that I sew right there among 3 rambunctious kiddos.

kids at table

Because the kids are always around me, I have to be extra careful when I need to iron and I have to turn off and unplug my machine every time I need to potty (TMI?) but I worked out a system pretty quickly. It’s not pretty, but whose house is when you have a toddler or three around? I have a kitchen cabinet dedicated to storing (or stuffing in) my supplies and if someone is coming over, I put my machine away.

sewing storage cabinet

Otherwise, my machine pretty much lives on one end of our kitchen table and has family dinner with us every night.

dinner table

Another plus side to all of this is my little Naomi is already asking if she can sew like mommy! So don’t let your lack of space keep you from turning on that machine. If you think having to pack and unpack your project every day may be worth the joy you get from sewing, then get that machine back out and make something!

In the meantime, I keep saying to myself that I will set up a dedicated sewing area upstairs when the kids are all in kindergarten. That’s really only a few (seemingly long) years away and to fill in the time, I will keep drooling over all those beautiful sewing rooms on Pinterest and daydreaming away.

Where do you do your sewing?


4 thoughts on “The Perfect Sewing Room

  1. that is so fun that you can all hang out while you sew! Sometimes I wish my stuff was centrally located in the house! then again, they usually come bug me anyways… 😀

    • Thanks! It is fun. There are quite a few interruptions but it is nice that they get excited when I am making them something and hang around a bit to watch.

  2. I also did my sewing on the dining room table, until my husband had enough and bought me a sewing table for my birthday last year, I love it! Mine is also set up right in the middle of everything, while my husband watches football, I sew, while my kids color, I sew, I think I complete a lot more projects too because my machine is right in the middle of the chaos 🙂

  3. I am hoping to keep the family around in my new sewing space too! I am going to put a tv and lots of art supplies up there and keep my fingers crossed. I feel like I get more done in the chaos then I do alone as well. Probably because I just don’t get that much alone time these days! 😉

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